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Commissioning your own painting is easy...

Think about where the painting will go. If it's in your house or office, does it need to fit in a particular space or colour scheme? If it's a gift for someone else, what type of art do they have on the walls already?

Consider the subject - Children, holiday scenes, local views and pets are popular subjects. I can paint from your photos or take some more. Remember: a painting is only as good as the reference. If you are looking for a recognisable portrait, you need a good quality photo! After emailing me the photos, I will let you know if they are of suitable quality, suggest a layout, discuss the background and size and quote a price. We can do this by email, phone or face to face, depending on the painting. When this has been agreed in writing (normally by email), I will then go ahead with the painting.


The price - This depends on the complexity of the picture as well as the size, so increasing the number of people or special features will increase the price. The following prices are a guideline only. Please contact me to discuss your individual requirements.

Black & White Portraits, face only

12” x 12”  Once face £120, each subsequent one ordered is £90

12” x 16” Two faces on the same canvas £210






Full colour portrait, face only

12” x 12” One face £150, each subsequent one ordered is £120

12” x 16” Two faces on the same canvas £270





“Action portrait”  playing in the garden / sports / beach, whole figure and background rather than just faces

Two figures:

16” x 20” £300

20” x 30” £350

30” x 40” £450

Extra figure £100

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