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Commissioning your own painting is exciting...

but can also be quite an in depth process, so it's not something you can just "buy online". Please get in touch to discuss your interest in a commission without obligation. Here are a few things to think about...


Where will the painting hang?

If it's in your house or office, does it need to fit in a particular space or colour scheme? If it's a gift for someone else, what type of art do they have on the walls already? How confident are you that they would like a commission or would a gift voucher, enabling them to discuss and choose something, be more suitable?

What's the subject?

Children, holiday scenes, local views and pets are popular subjects for representational (realistic) paintings but I will consider any reasonable request and can work more abstractly starting from a colour palette if you prefer. I can paint from your photos or take some more. If you are looking for a recognisable portrait or scene, you need a good quality photo. After we've had a chat, you can email me some photos. I will let you know if they are of suitable quality, suggest what to include, leave out or combine and quote a price. We can do this by email, phone, online or face to face, depending on where you are. When this has been agreed in writing (normally by email), and on receipt of 50% deposit (non-refundable), I will then go ahead with the painting.


How much does it cost?

This depends on the complexity of the picture more than the size, so increasing the number of people or special features will increase the price. Decreasing the size rarely reduces the price. Please contact me to discuss your individual requirements.

Will I get to see the painting as it develops or have any input?

I would not expect to show you the painting until I think it is finished so the short answer is no! However, of course I want you to be completely happy with the painting so I can make modest adjustments if required. Although the deposit is non-refundable, the remaining 50% is not payable until you are completely happy with the painting.

The following prices are a guideline only and could apply to any accurate representation e.g. a house, specific view, pet portrait:

Black & white portrait, face only

30cm x 30cm  One face £150, each subsequent one ordered is £130

40cm x 30cm Two faces on the same canvas £280

Full colour portrait, face only

30cm x 30cm One face, building or scene £180, each subsequent one ordered is £160

40cm x 30cm Two faces etc. on the same canvas £340

“Action portrait”  playing in the garden / sports / beach, whole figure and background rather than just faces

Two figures or a full building:

60cm x 40cm £350

100cm x 75cm £950

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