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If you'd like to arrange a painting session for a group of adults to suit your own schedule, here are some basics to consider...


I like to keep the group to 10 people maximum so that I can give everyone enough help and give them similar equipment.

Space (and mess!)

You'll need the equivalent of two dinner settings per person to have room to paint, so for 6 people, this would be room for a 12 person dinner. I bring table covers but some people are messier than others, so you have to assume that a drop could hit the floor or a chair and acrylic paint is not easy to wash off fabric or carpet.

We need access to a sink to refill water pots and wash brushes. I will ensure this is left paint-free at the end of the session.

Alternatively, I can suggest venues in Stoke Poges and Chalfont St Peter to hire.


I supply all the equipment and materials and charge £8-11 per head for this, depending on the scale of the painting.

Length of session

A three hour workshop gives enough time for a beginner group to complete a basic painting on a 12" canvas. It is quite intensive and the concentration required can be tiring but very satisfying if you are looking for a challenge.

If you are looking for a session to fit in to a 1.5-2 hour window, or you want something less intensive for a more relaxed occasion such as a birthday party, I can scale down a painting in both size and complexity. As this takes the same amount of preparation and set-up/clear up as a three hour session, it doesn't reduce the price by much.

I'm happy to discuss other requirements, such as tutoring experienced groups, day-long workshops and 1:1 sessions.


For 2024 my fee for a three hour private workshop for up to 10 people is £280 plus materials. Travel up to 10 miles radius from Stoke Poges is included. If further, then 45p/mile e.g. 30 mile round trip = £13.50  I can take payment by BACS, paypal or send an invoice link that can be paid by credit or debit card.

Set up and clear up

I prefer to set up and clear up myself - it is quicker and less messy. Please allow half an hour either side of the painting session when arranging your venue.

Children & pets

Children require a different pace and type of instruction to adults so if you are holding the session in your own home, please be aware that I don't include children in the painting sessions. You will need to be available for the whole session, so you might want to ensure that someone else is available if your children need attention. Pets just need to keep out of the wet paint!

Dates and times to suit

My schedule is quite flexible so please call or email to discuss whether you would like morning, afternoon, evening or somewhere in between!

What to paint?

Here are some ideas of topics that can be scaled in size and complexity to paint in 1.5 - 3 hours. Please contact me if you would like to do something different and I can tell you if it would be feasible.

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